Monday, November 25, 2013

40. The North Star...

One evening, Michael and I went to get an ice cream cone.

As we are driving Michael asks,” Mom is that the North Star?” pointing to a star in the sky.

“No honey, the North Star is the brightest star in the sky,” I respond (not knowing at the time it was the WRONG answer).

We drive for another minute when I see the brightest star in the sky (which happens to be Venus) and say, “Michael look, there’s the North Star.”

Michael immediately responds, “But North is THAT way. I thought the North Star was in the North,” pointing behind us.

“You’re right,” I answer, realizing I gave him the wrong answer, “you’re so smart!”

I am now convinced that if there is a “smarts gene” it skipped a generation, namely ME.

I have since learned that Polaris is the North Star and it is NOT the brightest star in the sky, but does always appear due North.

Once again… way to go Mom!

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