Sunday, March 17, 2013

31. Love...

Before going to bed, Michael says, "Mom, can you scratch my back?"

Me, grumbling, "Alright."

As I am scratching his back, Michael sighs, "I can't take it any more mom."

That doesn't mean he wants me to stop.

"You can't?" I say as I keep on scratching his back, "Why can't you take it any more?"

"Because I'm in love," says Michael with a sigh.


"You are? Who are you in love with?" (I know... I ended the sentence with a preposition).

He looks at me smiling, "You."

Ahhh... love....

Thursday, March 7, 2013

30. Responsibilities...

Michael missed a week of school because he's been sick. We picked up his homework on Friday and he's been doing homework the whole weekend.

Michael's been dragging his feet... going to the bathroom, being tired, etc....

I got frustrated and said, "Michael you need to take care of your responsibilities and do your homework."

Michael looks at me with a frown, "Mom, YOU'RE not taking care of YOUR responsibilities."

"I am taking care of my responsibilities, by making sure you're doing your homework."


No comeback. 

THAT'S a miracle.